Transition & Transformation

Transition Management

Transition and transformation management have become buzzwords for digitalization and digital transformation. They signal a need for extensive changes in companies in order to achieve sustainable competitiveness.

A transition is the process of changing something from one state to another. That is the simple definition for a term that nevertheless entails far-reaching changes for companies.

STRANET’s Transition Management involves the systematic planning, organization and implementation of these changes to achieve the desired future state without compromising the continuity of business activities during the change process.

This includes, for example, determining the desired service level, planning the target organization, defining, and establishing standard processes for IT service management, and providing assets required for the transition.

The combination of our expertise and goals which have been clearly defined with our customers enable a successful transition according to your expectations.

Transformation Management

The transition phase often serves as groundwork for the transformation. As a rule, a successful transition is followed by a transformation phase, and STRANET can accompany and support you here as well.

Transformation projects are carried out to gradually increase the performance and quality of the now externally provided services and the efficiency of service creation, as well as to develop new functions that were not previously available in the organization.

Transformation management includes the definition of the transformation target picture as well as the systematic planning, organization and implementation of the necessary changes to achieve the desired future state.

For a successful conclusion, the end of the transition and the transformation are followed by the stabilization phases, in which, for example, unforeseen problems and initial difficulties are eliminated.

STRANET AG supports you in all phases of your T&T project with the expertise gained from a large number of completed projects. Our experience extends to both projects on the customer side in relation to outsourcing projects or internal transformations as well as on the side of an outsourcing service provider.


Software Engineering

The user in front of the screen is the most important actor in IT processes. With constant digitalization and digital change, the complexity of IT processes is increasing. The user often lacks transparency and feels lost.

IT processes are often designed, planned and implemented from an IT perspective. The user then has to cope with an interface that was not built for their own requirements – for their daily business.

STRANET AG places the user at the center of the IT process. The process must be simple and transparent starting with the input interface and flow. In this way, a high acceptance of the processes, a high degree of utilization and an effective benefit are achieved.

The interface and the process must adapt to people and simplify their daily work.

STRANET accompanies its customers through all project phases and offers an end-to-end service from requirements engineering to planning, software development and test management. Whether it is a simple client server application or a complex system architecture.


Audit Management

The quality of deployed software has a direct impact on business success. Regardless of whether it is developed in-house or purchased from external software suppliers. Quality assurance as well as the detection of possible weak points in the software code quality or in the external software development process and the associated risks is therefore an important success factor. With STRANET’s audit management, software code quality can be lastingly ensured.
Budgeting potential software code audits in advance avoids unexpected expenses and costs that affect the profitability, maintainability and serviceability of a software. This is because the complexity and software quality directly influence its potential useful life, fault-proneness, testability and maintainability.
STRANET’s software code audit offers a rapid handling of audit preparation and execution as well as communication and training. The audit enables valid statements to be made on software code quality, risk assessments and recommendations for action. The final audit report contains all aspects of the auditing and checks as well as any anomalies, weaknesses and findings with regard to the audit objects of software code quality and software development lifecycle.
In order to make effective use of the findings, further support by STRANET is possible, ranging from the recommendation of economic countermeasures to effectively and permanently eliminate the identified weaknesses to support in the implementation in test management and the provision of a CI/CD pipeline to improve code quality.


Test Management

With the constant digitization and digital transformation, the complexity and the associated need for safeguarding IT is increasing. In order to optimally safeguard the realignment of your IT and ensure the best possible quality level of IT applications in production, methodical and systematic test and quality management is used to specifically analyze and sustainably evaluate the software and process world.

The challenges in this environment can be channeled, among other things, through highly qualified test managers and test specialists and their structured test procedures defined according to standards (ISTQB®, IEEE and ISO/IEC). Depending on the project size and scope, the respective test processes and test tools are systematically and methodically applied.

Considering the development processes (agile Scrum model / waterfall model), the working steps are divided into corresponding process phases and thus the appropriate procedure for successful test management is individually defined.

The goal is to achieve the best possible test coverage and the associated error detection. The more errors are found in the test, the better the reliability of the production. Thus, your IT projects are secured technically, economically as well as psychologically.

We manage and optimize your IT quality.