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Transition & Transformation

Transition and transformation management have become buzzwords for digitalization and digital transformation. They signal a need for extensive changes in companies in order to achieve sustainable competitiveness.


Globally operating MedTech company which is listed on the stock exchange.







Our task was the global and comprehensive optimization of the IT infrastructure through outsourcing to two large Indian service providers.
The task also included providing and supporting the program management and taking over the most important organizational and technical sub-projects.


The additional challenge of the program was the large number of subsidiaries in the regions with global locations whose IT infrastructure had previously been organized on a decentralized basis. In addition to intercultural and regulatory challenges, global standards for ITSM processes (ITIL) had to be coordinated and introduced for all regions. This also includes setting up functional teams on the customer side as a counterpart to the outsourcing partner, monitoring the implementation of the processes in a cloud-based ITSM tool, and the transfer to and subsequent secure provision of all infrastructure assets and fixed assets by the outsourcing partner.


In Europe, an integrated approach with direct transformation was chosen. There was a split into organizational and technical streams, which led to an increase in the speed of implementation.

To take account of the complexity of the global program, a two-phase approach was chosen.

a two-phase approach was chosen.


In the transition phase, the service provider takes over operational responsibility for the current system landscape and user support, including maintenance and renewal of the end-user environment. In this phase, the “current state” (also called current mode of operation, or CMO for short) is taken over.


In the subsequent transformation, the IT landscape was adapted so that it corresponds to the defined target image. Thus, as part of the transformation, the applications / systems are migrated to public and private cloud environments to achieve the goal of flexibility, scalability and modernization. At the end of the transformation, the target image, the so-called Future Mode of Operation (FMO), is then achieved.